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    Hey all,

    Wouldn't it be great if Apple would do something like iPhoto in the cloud.

    I mean, the new iPhoto app for iPad looks great, but, it will mean my photo library will get fragmented. Plus, my photo library is currently about 64GB so no chance of having it on the iPad.

    So, they should add say a 25 bucks a year service to host all of your pictures in the cloud then let iPhoto on your Mac and iPad access them from there. Sure, a loss in performance maybe, but this would be optional and maybe it could cache the thumbnails locally do make browsing faster.
    Plus, this would also give you a secure way to store your photos, with no worries for hard drive crashes, break ins and so on.

    I know about Flickr and all that, and I use it, but it still fragments my library and it's not an automated process.
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    One thing to be careful of with services like Flickr, some of them claim copyright and some just claim the right to use your images for any purpose at all with no compensation.

    Anyway, as for iPhoto and iCloud, I suspect some of that is coming with Mountain Lion based on some of the info that's out there. You would porobably need to pay for extra space of course.

    I suggest you give your feedback to Apple. The more people who ask for something make it more likely that the something may happen.

    Of course, my question is what would the load and save time be for pictures that are stored in iCloud? I think I would want the Pictures local to the Mac as well as being in the cloud and then they sync up.

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