iPhoto keeps crashing with 10.7.2. beta

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by TheDahlenburger, Oct 14, 2011.

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    Does anyone know how to get out of beta and update to the final 10.7.2. the Software Update does not recognize an update or it did, but it was a security update. I want to get out of the beta. I have already direct downloaded the update but I get a prompt stating my computer harddrive does not meet the specifications when I try to install it? I already have the beta why won't it let me go to the regular software?
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    The installer is designed to upgrade from 10.7.1, as many of the files it looks for have been changed by the beta it can't upgrade your installation.

    Depending on which version of the beta you're running and if you have access to the dev seeds you have a couple of options.

    If you're on version c73 and can access the dev seeds you can download the public release version, c74. This includes a reverioner that you should run first. Do not reboot after running this. Install the upgrade immediately after.

    The second option and by far the safest, is to do a clean install. Make sure all you're data/applications are backed up. Shut down the computer, then restart holding down command and R. This will start the recovery partition. From there you can reinstall. 10.7.2 will be the version downloaded.

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