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    My iPhoto library folder structure has become a bit of a mess ever since iCloud and photostream have been available.

    Prior to photostream, I used to use ImageCapture to transfer photos/videos from my iPhone and SLR to the macbook. I'd then make folders in my photos directory for specific events and copy the new photos into these folders. This way, I had full control over my photo library's folder structure. My iPhoto library is set up not to move new photos into its own library, but to respect my folder management system.

    However since iCloud/photostream, I have become a bit complacent such that any photos added to the library via photostream are added into iPhoto's own library file, rather than into my beautifully organised folder structure. If I take photos of the same event both with my iPhone and my SLR, the SLR photos are kept in my folders, the iPhone photos are added via photostream. So I end up having photos of the same events in 2 different locations - very annoying!

    How are other people dealing with this? I wouldn't mind moving all my pictures into the iPhoto library structure, so is there any way to consolidate the iPhoto library? I really would like the pictures to all be in one place, rather than two, but I don't want to have to start building my iPhoto library from scratch.

    Any ideas?

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