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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by -hh, Mar 2, 2008.

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    Okay, I got a problem.

    The hard drive on the old 12" Powerbook G4 is full.

    Much of the storage that's being used is in its iPhoto library (current version of iPhoto), and all of the images in that library are also on my desktop system (the desktop system now has more).

    But... what exists on just the laptop are iPhoto projects that I've then made from those images (ie, photo album books). These are NOT on my desktop - just the laptop.

    I think the simple (& short term) question I have is:

    "How do I export an iPhoto project from my laptop back to my desktop?"

    However, I think that the bigger (& longer term) question is:

    "How should I organize my iPhoto libraries ... on both systems ... so that the desktop is the big, permanent repository for everything, and the laptop just has what my current project is that I'm working on ... that I'll then be able to export back to the desktop when its done?"

    If it matters, the current total size of my iPhoto directory file is 60GB.

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    Feb 17, 2008

    Just went through a similar exercise. I have been using free iPhoto Library Manager Software for a couple years now because it allows you to easily go between separate iPhoto libraries. I have broken them into separate years to allow the program to work faster with a large number of images.

    I finally paid the $20 or so to license the full features which allow you to merge iPhoto libraries and projects. I have moved the iPhoto libraries to an external drive for my laptop and can still go between libraries easily.

    I would suggest you download the free version and read through the help sections to see what the options for merging, saving albums, etc. If it does what you want, then pay the fee and license the full version. You can then merge your libraries, make a master one, and copy it through the finder to either machine or an external drive. I like the security of backing up the libraries that way, also.

    I hope this gives you a direction to start. I am on the road and can't give more detailed feedback for a couple weeks. I don't have the iPhoto Library Manager link either, but sure you can find it through the name.


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