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    Feb 22, 2009
    Did a search on this and found some people had problems similar to mine.

    When i go into iphoto lots of the thumbnails are missing. When i go into the relevant folders lots of the pics are missing. However, if i double click on a missing pic and scroll along to view the rest individually in that folder it shows all the ones that are missing. But if i scroll along to one that is apparent as a thumbnail, i get a big exclamation mark!!!

    I know that they are still there as i can see them in the 'originals' folder in 'Finder' but why has it done this and how do i physically restore them to there rightful places.


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    Oct 9, 2008
    There has been some trouble afoot in your iPhoto Library package. Has anyone you know been poking around in there? If you are missing thumbnails and get exclamation marks when trying to view the full-size images, the file pathing for those files has been altered, either completely or partially. It could be anything from the picture being renamed or the folder its in in Finder could have been changed. The ultimate fix for this would be to do a manual rebuild of the library, which involves creating an entirely separate library to use with iPhoto and importing the Originals folder from the original library into its replacement. There are two articles up on the Apple knowledgebase, separated by the version of iPhoto you are using, whether 5 and earlier or 6 and later. Note that this does kill off any of the albums you had created as well as any slideshows or print projects you had previously constructed.
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    Feb 22, 2009

    Thanks for your advice.

    Update on this... i set about having to manually replace each photo and found that if i double-clicked on a missing photo square, the photo appeared and was enlarged as you would expect.. If i rotated it 90 degrees and then rotated it back again, the picture re-appears in the events folder and is visible again as a thumbnail. It was only the first picture in the folder that was missing from the folder hence the thumbnail being blank. I still had to go through the same process with every missing pics in all other folders. :eek:

    However, just as you think luck is on your side, the pics that were previously visible in the folder, if you double-clicked on them to enlarge, they have now become large exclamation marks!!! :confused:

    Oh well.......Macs eh????

    Thanks again


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