iPhoto on iPad to iPhoto on Mac?


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Feb 18, 2011
Hi All,

Quick query if you can help me. I like the look of iPhoto for the iPad but wondered, if I create albums and edit photos on my iPad can I then copy them over to iPhoto on my MacBook?

I'm guessing I'd just do this while syncing but just thought i'd check with some people in the know.




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Mar 8, 2012
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I was glad to see that iPhoto on iPad works with photos u sync through SD card from another camera and camera kit. At first I thought you would only be able to work with photos taken on the iPad. You raise a good point, I'm guessing when u sink with computer u will have the option to save those pics to iPhoto on your Mac??


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Apr 24, 2010
The changes you make to photos in iPhoto for iOS do not sync over to iPhoto on the Mac. This would be awesome and obviously how it should work, but hopefully Apple adds this functionality later this year. Right now, you have to export the changed photos to your camera roll and them import them to iPhoto on the Mac like you would any photo.

Unfortunately, in this situation it doesn't "just work". But the app is gorgeous and powerful and I have hope they will fix it someday to have seamless Mac/iOS syncing of iPhoto galleries.


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May 26, 2006
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Things I'd like for iPhoto:

-iCloud storage
-Ability to create Albums in iPhoto

Importing from CCK is all done in the Photos app and not iPhoto. If your imported videos work in Photos, then it's ok.