iPhoto One "Event" = 36,000 pics??

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  1. Tofray, Oct 8, 2013
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    So I finally got around to aggregating all of the digital photos I own, and dumped them into the Pictures folder of my iMac, and then imported all 36k pics to iPhoto.

    What I hoped would happen was that all photos would be grouped by date, and I could just scroll all the way back to whatever dates I wanted. Instead, it created one "Event" and listed all 36k pics as one event. Next to the title of "Untitled Event" shows a date history that goes all the way back to 2007. However, I'm not able to sort through the photos to see a break in dates at all.

    The only option I've seen regarding dates is View->Sort Photos->by date, which I've done. Unfortunately, all I have is one big event with 36k pics in it, with no way to differentiate breaks in dates.

    Is there a way to create events by date? or somehow sort these in some kind of order vs. one jumbled mess?


    UPDATE: Disregard, I figured it out...Crappy workaround, but it works...
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