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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Eldiablojoe, Jan 9, 2010.

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    I'm a new Mac user. I've had my photos from Windows My Photos transferred over by the Apple Store. In iPhoto, there are over 50 collections of what I guess are albums. About 7 are duplicates.

    I tried to merge the duplicate albums, hoping they would become one, but instead they simply put two of the same photo into a single album. I had to manually go through and hand delete all the duplicates. Is there a way to have iPhoto auto-delete all my duplicate pix?

    Also, if I have all my albums under "Photos" will they also be duplicated but just sorted differently under "Faces," "Places," and "Events?" Kinda like iTunes has ALLL the music in Library, but they are duplicated in my various playlists.

    (Posting delay while I go in and try to find answers to my questions from Apple tutorials and playing around in iPhoto).

    Ok, I just finished watching the first 5 general tutorials (I didn't read the more specific ones dealing with uploading and sharing photos, etc.).

    I've merged albums and deleted duplicates from the pix that were transferred from my old windows PC. Those are organized into several major categories (Cars, House, Family, Friends, Work, Dogs, Misc., Etc.)

    Now, when I add new photos to my iPhoto, it's going to put them in albums based on approximate date. How can I go into each of those Apple-made albums and take the photos out and move them into my albums by category?

    For clarification, when I sync my iPhone and it takes all the pix off my camera roll and puts them into an event focused album called "January 10, 2010." Those pix have family members, dogs, etc. I'd like to take them out of the January 10, 2010 albums and put them into my albums organized by family, friends, dogs, etc.

    Thanks for your help!
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    When you import new photos into iPhoto, they will show up in Events, grouped as different events, usually by date in my case, and they will also show in Photos arranged in time/date order. They will not be put into any of the Albums that you have.

    You will have to go through your import in Photos/Events and place them in whichever album you want them in. Also the pictures in the Albums are not duplicates, but just links to the relevant picture in the main library.
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    Yes, what he said. You can create as many albums as you want (they will be in the left pane), and simply drag photos from your "event" (in the right pane) to the appropriate album. You can also create folders (in the left pane) and drag the albums into them. For instance, a folder called "Vacations", then albums named "Fall 2008", Summer 2009", etc. under that. Collapsing the file structure will keep things visually neat.

    You can also create smart albums using keywords. For instance, all the "dog" pics can have a keyword of "dog". Create a smart album keying on that keyword, and automatically every photo that you keyword "dog" will be in it. You can have many keywords for each photo, so you could have the keywords "dog", "uncle Bill", "Baltimore", etc for one photo, and they could be automatically be put in the proper smart album.

    Does this help?

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