iPhoto - 'original item cannot be found' alert... hundreds of them!!

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by m021478, Nov 1, 2009.

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    Please Please Please... I am in desperate need of help here! For reference, I am using iPhoto '09 - version 8.1 (415)

    For hundreds of my images that I have cataloged in iPhoto, about a month ago I started noticing that when I click on an image thumbnail to blow it up full size, I am presented with an alert informing me that "The photo "PhotoNameHere" could not be opened, because the original item cannot be found". This seems to be the case in dozens of different event groupings for images shot at all different dates and times.

    I have performed iPhoto maintenance routines by holding down the Opt+Cmd keys upon launching iPhoto and I have run the full battery of maintenance routines offered, but that didn't seem to fix the problem.

    I have performed a spotlight search of my computer for the image that iPhoto is telling me cannot be found, and the only reference I can find to that photo is an alias for it located within my iPhoto package file in the 'Originals' folder, and hitting Cmd+R to reveal the source of this alias indicates that the alias is broken

    See the screenshot below for the precise error message I am getting, and also see the screenshot below that showing what appears to be a folder full of aliases which iPhoto is presumably referencing as the original photo... though they are obviously not the originals, hence the programs inability to display them full-sized:



    I am in a really screwed up place here where I stand to potentially lose thousands of priceless family memories I've captured over the years, so if anyone can offer an steps I might try taking to resolve this issue, or if someone wants to chime in with the best way that I should go about exporting and then re-importing all of my photos into a brand new iPhoto Library, I would greatly appreciate it!

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    What you are pointing at is the alias, being this a shortcut to the image. See where the shortcut is pointing. If the image is not there, then it was deleted somehow, by someone.

    No backups? Damn...

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