iPhoto Photo Albums


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Mar 15, 2004
yes - I made a 30 page hardcover book that I received last week. It came out really nice - I used the travel theme for pictures from a vacation we took to New Mexico last year and gave it to my girlfriend for her b-day.

She loved it and everyone that has looked at has been amazed...they all think it's the coolest thing ever!

I tried to keep it to 20 pages but there were just too many photos to choose from so I added 10 more pages. It took a while to work out a layout that I liked as well as how much/what text to include. While I was working on mine I read a tip somewhere that you can save it as a pdf before ordering, and that pdf will reflect the layout & stuff exactly as it would in the actual book you receive. So I did that as a final check and saved it to compare to the book when it arrived and it was perfect...

I will definitely order more in the future, just not too often - I wish they were cheaper... :rolleyes:

But yeah, long story short, I am very happy with mine!


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Dec 6, 2004
My neighbours make a living out of doing that. They film and take pictures of events and then make DVD's out of it. One of the other things they do is make photo albums that they do with iphoto. So they pay about 40 bucks for one and they charge $400! Good business :cool:
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