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    Swiss PAB

    Aug 6, 2012
    Hello. All my photos in a particular event appear as blank white with a yellow frame around them when I am in the thumbnail page when in iPhoto. However the photo comes up when I click on the photo, so I know the photo is still in my computer. How do I get the photos back into the thumbnail page?

    This happened when I was adding titles to photos. I added a title to a photo, and then wanted to move this title to another photo in the same event. I highlighted the title, clicked on Edit Cut, and all the photos disappeared, but not the titles.

    Hope someone can help as I have deleted the photos from my camera's memory card and hence I cannot reload them. Thank you.
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    Your Photo files are here /User/your name/Pictures/iPhoto Library

    Look if they are still there, if so there is a problem with iPhoto.
    Have you restarted iPhoto, might solve the problem.
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    It sounds like your thumbnails (previews) were compromised. In Aperture, I know you can easily recreate previews... but I do not see that option in iPhoto.

    I would try the "revert to original" option on a photo and see if that fixes the problem. iPhoto>Photos>Revert to Original.


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