iPhoto & Photos. Interesting conversation with Apple.

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by rexone, Aug 20, 2015.

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    Photos is a really retro-grade app. I know some people will arc-up at me saying this but really, it's a backwards step unless cloud & eye-candy are your priority.
    Many of us, seemingly foolishly, expected that with the demise of Aperture & the long gap between iPhoto updates that Photos would be more like 'iPhoto Pro' sort of a meeting in the middle.
    Sadly it is more like iOS iPhoto badly ported for Mac.
    I really, really, really despise Photos. It is feature poor & a truly bad library organisation tool.
    iPhoto may have been getting long-in-the-tooth BUT... it was a great library & basic editing tool. I've over 40,000 hi-res RAWs in my library & found it handled them no trouble at all.
    What also offends me greatly is the way Apple has forced the Photos installation on users.
    I'm really surprised there hasn't been more controversy about this. The fact that the Photos install was embedded in an OS update & it installs itself & then updates your library WITHOUT ASKING PERMISSION!!!
    And is very difficult to remove without using 3rd-party tools.

    I actually recently had a long chat with Apple Support about all of this this on-line & the most interesting takeaway points were...
    a) - they acknowledged that Photos is a backwards step & users have been quite unhappy with it
    b) - they said that is they hear from enough users they are already considering bringing iPhoto back but are waiting to see response levels.

    So, if like me you'd like to see iPhoto make a comeback then send Apple feedback through the iPhoto & Photos feedback links


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    I don't mean to be snarky, but why would you trust them if they DID produce iPhotos 2? After all, look at what happened to Aperture. And even before it was officially axed it was neglected.

    These are freebie applications that come with your computer. I would figure that in the long run better to invest in a tool that is more useful, and that may be around longer. There is no guarantee that any developer will be there forever, but Apple has shown itself to have a lack of commitment to areas like this on several occasions, leaving some Apple users in the lurch.
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    Jul 9, 2012
    Now if Apple would bring back Aperture.....that would be worth noting. In the meantime, move on to Lightroom or C1P.

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