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Discussion in 'macOS' started by roycemac, Jun 15, 2008.

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    Basically, I don't get it.
    I have read many threads dealing with the Iphoto app. Mostly new users to MAC who have emigrated from Windows are having great difficulty because there are things like File Rename and File Manipulation that you cannot do like you did in Windows.
    This can be very frustrating to former Windows Users, and equally baffling to Mac users who find Iphoto just wonderful.

    I'll be very unemotional about this...because it's not about whether I like one better than the other...rather it is about getting enough info and instruction to execute what is desired.

    Okay, here goes....

    In Iphoto, I cannt change the filename. I get it,,,,you mac people don't mind seeing numbers instead of names when you search yoru files. We disagree on that. I want to see MY NAMES.

    in Iphoto, i cannot drag & drop pics from one place to another...like one roll to another. I cannot organize my pics that I just downloaded from two diffrent camers, into one, organized slide show....with a NAME.

    Is there a good source to read up on how to do this, becuase it really does escape me and I do want to learn how it's all possible
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    If you want to use the iPhoto app, you MUST stay out of the library in finder. Changing the names or anything else in there will not allow the app to function. Everything you need is within the app, there is NEVER a need to go into the finder. Forget it is there! Find your photos in the app itself and don't worry about what is in the finder. You said we mac people don't mind seeing numbers, well, we stay out of the finder, so the numbers don't matter to us. It is what is in the app that matters. The only appropriate way to have things named in the finder is to do the windows way and import them from your camera to a folder somewhere outside of iPhoto Library, organize and rename at will and then import folder by folder into iPhoto. Way too much work when it is not needed. iPhoto organizes your photos brilliantly -- that is what it is for.

    You should be able to simply drag photos to a different roll by selecting them and then dragging them to the Name of the roll you want them in -- not into the pane that shows the photos, but the name of the roll. Is this not working for you? You can drag a whole roll by dragging the name of the roll to the name of the other roll.

    You can create folders, for instance "Vacations" in iPhoto, then create albums (or better yet, smart albums) for "Summer 2007", Winter 2008" etc. andplace them in the Vacations folder. This is a good way to organize. Then the rolls will not matter so much.

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