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    If this is not the correct forum for my question please direct me to the right one.
    When I have an album of pictures and I change the title under each one the information box on the lower left reflects the name I have applied. When I go to "Photos", show "Photo information", the name is still the original PDR number. If I attach one of these photos to an email the name shows as this and not the one I changed it to.

    How do I change the name to reflect the title I placed under the picture?
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    iPhoto is an image database and uses those filenames it assigns for search and internal organization operations. It will hold on to that numeric filename even if you rename it. That allows it to keep files in order by date taken.

    After you change your photo to the name you want, use File/Export to place it on the Desktop for email and such. Change the File Name drop-down to Use Title and you are set.


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    IPhoto Picture Name

    Thanks a lot for the answer. I tried that and it worked great. Thanks again!

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