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    Hi all, here's the thing.

    My sister has a MacBook (about 5 years old), despite my nagging she took periodic backups, but did a full one recently to a USB HDD!

    So she has backups of folders called Pictures, Music, Movies etc. :)

    Her HDD died completely and her boyfriend replaced it and installed iLife 11.

    The problem is now, she has a folder with lots (and lots) of pictures in it (inc lots of duplicates by the look of it :eek: ).

    In her backup folder she has Music etc and there's a folder called "Pictures", which has subsequent folders in it, all with pictures in!

    There's also an icon called "iPhoto Library", which is 41.3GB in size.

    What's the definitive way to use that library in iPhoto and just open it and see everything as she had it before the HDD crash?

    Many thanks.

    [Edit] - Just to add , if she drags and drops the iPhoto icon on to the iPhoto icon on the dock, iPhoto opens (and a load of photos appear), but then the pictures vanish and iPhoto just sits there blankly-although it does seem to be doing a scan for "Faces".
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    One could copy the iPhoto Library file (the 40 GB file) back onto the internal HDD into its rightful place (Macintosh HD / Users / sister / Pictures / iPhoto /), then open iPhoto and be done with it, since the big library file replaced the standard and empty (or not if your sister already used it) library file and iPhoto will open the big file.

    iPhoto and multiple libraries

    And get her to sort the pictures/photos not in the iPhoto library file, unless she can live with the chaos and it does not matter to her.
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    Thank you,

    There is no iPhoto folder in the structure you mention initially,

    She has "Macintosh HD / Users / Sharon / Pictures" and in that "Pictures folder, there are lots of folders each with photos in, but no iPhoto folder (if that's what you meant?).

    That is however, where the iPhoto 40 gig file resides.

    Here's a screenshot:

  4. Azzin thread starter macrumors 68040

    Jun 23, 2010
    London, England.
    Ok, just had a "moment"!!

    I asked my sister to show me her original backup.

    She nabbed the USB HDD and this is what's in there:


    Plus, the size of the file is actually 12.17 Gig.
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    That iPhoto library is actually the same as the "iPhoto Folder". It is a package... which is really a folder disguised to look like a file. If you right click the package and select "show package contents"... then it becomes evident.

    If she was to drag that 40GB iPhoto Library to her new computer, and then use that as her library... she "should" be all set. That is making an assumption that all of her pictures are already in that iPhoto library... and that the rest of the photos are duplicates.

    However beware... that iPhoto has the capability of "referencing" the photos as well... so it is not guaranteed that all the photos are in the library. This depends on how she used iPhoto in the past.

    I hope I clarified (vs confused) you.


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