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    Sorry if this is an obvious question, I don't do much with digital cameras. I have all my pictures somewhat organized in iPhoto, but I have too many small events. I thought if i made albums it would make it more organized. Here's my question: If I put multiple events into an album, is there anyway to tag the location where the picture was taken? For example, could I have an album with some pictures from Disneyland, then some from the beach, and be able to tag the different locations? What got me interested in this was I saw that the new iPhone can do something called geotagging, but Im not sure if this is the same thing. Since that will be my primary camera, I don't want some of my pictures to have a location tagged and some not. Also, if I'm way off on all this, let me know. Thanks for the help.
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    Geotagging means that you use a device that knows where you are (GPS, or in the iPhone's case, a clever mix of cell tower signals and Wifi hotspots) to tag a photo with the location at which it was taken. The two obvious rubs are: you must have a device that knows where you are, and you must tag it while you are there. For this reason, there is limited sense in geotagging from your computer. The geotag is supposed to be automated -- it's not "O hai, Im at Fred's house" but I'm at GPS coordinates xxxxx.

    Nothing stops you from selecting a group of photos, however, and editing a location tag / keyword -- whatever you want -- in manually. I think that's what you want. And then yes, you can have photos in the same album with different tags. That's no problem.
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