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    Hey everyone...i'm new to Apple so I'm looking for some help. I had all my pictures already organized on my Windows machine. Different events had different folders (on windows). So I imported all my photos from my Windows PC to iPhoto, and each one of my folders was created as an event through iPhoto with no problem.

    Now...here is my dilemma. I can't seem to find a way to back up my pictures from iPhoto back to my external hard drive the way I originally had it on my Windows machine. For example...I'll take two events in iPhoto and copy to my external hard drive, but the problem is that the photos that are being copied to my external hard drive are no longer in folders so that they can be easily organized on my external as well. Is there a way that I can manually copy events so that each event has a seperate folder like I originally had it?

    Make sense?

    Hopefully someone understands.
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    Go to home folder/pictures/iphoto library. you can backup that folder incase your HDD crashes.

    Sorry I misunderstood. Go to finder and at the bottom left side click all images. There is the location of all your pictures. I think you can just copy them to your external for backup.

    Another option is to setup TimeMachine with your external HD just in case you have an HDD failure.

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