iPhoto Rebuild Fail: Can you help?

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    Hi ,

    A year's worth of photos suddenly fail to display in iPhoto, but I can see them when I browse the finder and right click the iPhoto Library to "show package contents". See the screen shot below.

    I've tried all of the rebuild options suggested on these and other forums and the apple support website ( option + command when launching I photo), and none of the options have worked.

    The missing photos will display in Preview when I double click on the files. How can I get these to show up again in IPHoto?

    The other 90% of my collection display without problem. I think everything from 2012 is what is failing to show. I can see everything from Dec 2011 and earlier.

    Yes I have multiple iPhoto libraries. I store photos, video, and music on a mirrored Raid pair and back them up manually to my backup disk. There is also an iPhoto library under my user name that fails to launch when I try to launch it, although I'm not sure why.

    Possible solutions?
    I'd rather not use the fatcat software program Iphoto library manager. Should I try to build a new library and consolidate all of the exisiting libraries by holding down option when I launch iPhoto? Should I just get aperture and let it consolidate my libraries for me?


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