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    Hi all,

    Sorry if this has been asked before. I searched for a while and couldn't find anything. I've got an iPhone with iOS 5 and 2 macs each with the latest version of iPhoto. Photo stream turned on on all 3 devices.

    So I take a picture on my iPhone, and it gets uploaded to photostream, which then gets downloaded to my other devices (iMac and Macbook pro), but just to a systematically named event called "Oct 2011 Photo Stream". My understanding is that you can then create more aptly titled events like "Day at the park" and "Friend's grad party" and move the pictures there.

    What I can't seem to figure out is, if I organize my photo stream on my iMac, how do I get the changes to sync with my macbook pro? I can't add events to photo stream... I can't even edit the pics directly in the stream (rotation, redeye, etc.). It seems very counter-intuitive that the pics would be automatically saved to a "temp event" on both macs and have to make the exact same changes twice every time. Then what's the point of iCloud? I must be missing something basic. Can anyone help me out?
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    You cannot. You can only move pics from photo stream to say iPhoto on your Mac and then organize them there. You cannot organize on or in PhotoStream today.

    So yes two macs twice the need to organize. Or use DropBox for your photo library to sync it between both macs then any change to one shows on the others.
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    Yeah I thought about that. But then I'm using two clouds? How could Apple have such a poor implementation?

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