iPhoto will not import my iPhone photos

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    I have been happily snapping and transferring photos from iPhone to current MacBook Pro for weeks. Oh joy for the synchronicity of phone and computer, especially in respect of calendar, contacts, and music.

    Now I could transfer photos from my BlackBerry for a whole year without interruption.

    I understand that this post is fairly vague but the only message I am getting is not an error number, but that my images are unrecognisable file types, or that they are unreadable.

    Does anyone know what I am doing that is causing this problem? It is extremely frustrating, and Google searches have not born fruit.

    This is a shot of the message I receive when I select 'Import All'; I also get it when importing selections:

    well I tried to capture the window using Grab and upload it to Photobucket, eventually changing file type to jpeg, but that is not working either. So functionality seems to be the bane of my morning.

    Can anyone please help?
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    Are you sure?

    1. Open iphoto.
    2. Connect the iphone via cable to mac.
    3. Switch iphone off, wait for 10 seconds
    4. Then switch it back on (still connected via cable)
    5. It should then appear in iphoto

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