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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by noone, Jan 5, 2008.

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    Feb 4, 2006
    I recently took a trip to Las Vegas and took nearly 500 photos. While I was there I simply synched to my MacBook Pro and all was well. Now that I have been home for awhile, I decided to finally get around to getting the photos put on my iMac. Here lies the problem. For every single photograph, it says that the volume cannot be found and it asks me to locate the photo. When it displays the list all of the others are greyed out, except for the necessary one. I have tried burning disks (I have burnt several), putting the pics back on the memory card and re-importing, and I even went so far as to put my MBP in target mode. All to no avail. Once I tell it where the photo is all is well, but I don't really want to have to do this for nearly 500 of them! I am also concerned as I am taking another trip soon and will again be using my MBP as my importing source! Any advice? Thanks!
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    Nov 3, 2006
    Based on your post, it sounds like there's a few problems here.

    First, I take it when you launch iPhoto on your MacBook, you have to manually go find every image? Sounds to me like iPhoto might be opening a different library. When you downloaded these from your camera to your MacBook, did you use a Library stored in a non-standard location by any chance?

    I would launch iPhoto with the Option key held down. This will prevent iPhoto from opening what it thinks is your default library and allow you to select the correct library to open.

    If you can do this, and find the library that actually HAS your pictures you should be OK.

    Now to transfer them, I would put them all in one album, go to "Share" and take "Burn to DVD". Then burn the pictures to a DVD. Put that DVD in your iMac and launch iPhoto. It should show up as a device, just a a CD would in iTunes. Drag the photos into your iMac library.

    You could use a USB external, or flash drive to do this too, but if you use a DVD you've also just created a physical back up of your photos to keep in a drawer somewhere in case you need it someday.

    If you CAN'T get iPhoto to find any working iPhoto library on your MacBook, then go do a smart search (I assume you're running Leopard) for "Kind" is "Images" and select "jpeg" (assuming you're not shooting RAW) on "This Mac" (see screenshot). This should at very least find where your pictures are hiding. Worst case you can burn them from there to a DVD from Finder.

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    No, actually all of the photos load up fine. That is what I find odd. All of the photos on both the MacBook Pro and the iMac show up properly. It is when I burn the disk that the trouble starts. The photos are all there. They open up in Preview just fine. For some reason iPhoto wants me to tell it where each and every one is. For the few that I have done that with, all is well again.

    I have burnt disks the way you suggest as well as exporting the photos and burning that folder. I have tried with and external as well as attempting it in Target Mode as well. Nothing seems to work.
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    Jan 23, 2008

    hi there !
    i have the same problem as you !
    but unfortunaltely, my problem is pretty much new as yours !
    i mean u had this problem a year ago !
    Please help if any1 got the solution !
    i can seee ny pictures on the dis or the pen drive , but when i try to copy them to the iphoto it asks me to defiine each and every photo !

    waiting for the reply !

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