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    How does iPhoto store my pictures? They are not all in one and the same place. I don't understand it's "system";what are all these different numbers and thumbnails?? is there a way to have all my pictures in one place? :confused:
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    There are lots of threads describing how it works.

    Basically, iPhoto organised your picture by the only thing that they all have; their creation date. The folders represent years, months, days that you took pictures on.

    Forget about looking at them in the Finder if you want to use iPhoto (make any changes there and you'll corrupt things). Just use iPhoto to view your images and don't worry about the underlying file structure.
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    iPhoto stores pics chronologically. To see how it's done, follow this path, home folder------>pictures---------->iPhoto Library.

    In your iPhoto library, there are folders labeled by years. Within them, there are folders for each month. Within those, folders for each day.

    If pics are taken with a digital camera, they automatically have a time stamp. If pics are scanned, they go in the folder corresponding to the date they are scanned.

    I don't know if you can have pics arranged any other way. Others here will know probably.

    Hope this helps.

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