Discussion in 'OS X El Capitan (10.11)' started by BoxerBoy, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. BoxerBoy macrumors member

    Feb 22, 2011
    On my MacBook Pro I want to make iPhoto my default photo app instead of Photos in El Capitan. Both apps are in the dock,but all photos I upload go straight onto Photos. Could someone tell me how to achieve this please. Also I would like to know how to move all photos I have put on Photos, to iPhoto.
    Many thanks for your help
  2. mastermind6192 macrumors member


    Jan 8, 2010
    You can't downgrade your Photos library to iPhoto Library its a one way street. Officially iPhoto is no longer supported or developed by Apple.
  3. Ebenezum macrumors 6502a

    Mar 31, 2015
    Only easy way to keep using iPhoto is to copy previous iPhoto library from backup. If you don't have a backup then you could export all pictures from Photos app and import them to iPhoto, problem is that doing so will likely erase much of the Metadata and it will take hours if the library is large...

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