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Discussion in 'iPod' started by iPhonePunker, Aug 8, 2014.

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    Hi I own a iPod 2nd gen 10gGB for a little while now but I never new how to sync it cause i never owned one back in the old days. as it turning into more of a collectable i decided to put it back into its box to keep it safe. and i recently aloud my mate to use it as a USB HDD to transfer some stuff from his old PC to his new Mac. sadly with he infant wisdom he formatted the iPod and whipped it clean which the only reason I could think he did this is because of lots of porn :confused:. now iv gotin the iPod back it shows an apple logo at the start and the good old folder and ! which i now i can fix with a OS restore is popping up at bootup. i just don't now how to fix this iPod iTunes wont detect on my oldest Mac I own which is a eMac running Tiger I installed the musicmatch software that came with the ipod onto a XP partition a made on my macbook hopping there was a restore function in it but its hard to now if im sync anything or just wasting my time.
    if anyone has owned one of these and now the inner workings software wise I would love to hear how to fix this cause it still works and as i said it makes a nice little collectable and I don't want to have to have to strangle my mate with the firewire charger cord as a lesson for braking my **** again :mad:
    Please help:D
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    I haven't used a 2nd gen, but you should be able to put it into disk mode.

    Then I'd use whatever mac you've got it hooked to, should work with any of them being so old, and go to Disk Utility and make sure it's formatted as Mac OS.

    Once it's properly formatted, you may be able to open up iTunes and restore it. If not reset it out of disk mode and then try again. I'd think at some point iTunes would detect it and be able to put the OS back on it.

    It's worked when I've swapped drives in 5G and Classic models anyway.
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