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    Oct 14, 2014
    A couple quick questions.
    Dredged out my old ipod 2nd gen, after years of just collecting dust took a nice charge. I have so many gizmos it ain't funny so I am going to sell it. It was jailbroken and has 100's of apps and games if not 1,000's.
    Now, before I sell it I want to at least delete my pics, was sad to discover there is no way to do this within the ipod itself [and no, there is no garbage can icon to press].
    So apparently I will have to sync it with itunes to get rid of the pics. Will I risk hosing my jailbreak and all the apps from syncing ? I know not to update firmware ,,, But I'm a little leery of syncing this.

    I do have open sh installed and can access the ipod with winscp, but I couldn't locate any pics among all the folders.
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    Connect it to iTunes, but BEFORE syncing it, show the left lide bar by pressing CTRL + S(PC) or Command+ Option + S (Mac), right-click on your iPod and choose "transfer purchases". All your apps will be transferred to your computer. When it's done, right-click on your iPod in the sidebar again and chose "Back Up" and allow iTunes to back-up your device. After that, you can safely sync it without risking it deleting all your stuff. As for music I ain't sure if you can transfer that. But there are tools available online that can transfer music from an iPod touch to your PC.

    iTunes can never delete a jailbreak except if you choose to update or to restore your device.
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    Oct 14, 2014
    All right thanks ill give that a try .. Barely any music on it, in fact I might load it up with some tunes if I end up selling to a buddy

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