iPod 3rd Gen 32gb - Question about re-sale

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by mtnmchgrl, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. mtnmchgrl macrumors newbie

    Feb 5, 2014
    A couple of years ago, I went through this local dude that sells/repairs Apple products and traded my iPhone 3GS (16gb) for a 3rd gen iPod Touch (32gb). I didn't realize it until I got home, but the phone was jailbroken w/ Cydia. I had not intended on a jailbroken phone and have no idea the benefits/negatives of it, only that it would void a warranty, which I didn't have anyway since I bought it used. I had been using my old iPhone (thru AT&T) as an iPod and only wanted it to listen to music when I travel/work out. I want to upgrade to a newer iPod Touch and wondered the best avenues to do this given that it has been jailbroken. I don't know the legality of it. It's in good condition except for a slight discoloration on the bottom left of the screen which hasn't affected it's use. I'm a little overwhelmed at the options online....I assume I can't sell a jailbroken one through Amazon's trade in (what I was thinking of doing w/ my AT&T iPhone 4s; just upgraded that to the 5s). So are eBay and Craigslist really my best options? I'm also at a loss for what to sell it for. I see them going for as little as $50 (mostly for parts on eBay or reg sales on Craigslist) but have seen some well over $100 too. I'm sorry if this is a repetitive question but I've been Googling for an hour and though this board might have more people who could answer better.
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    If you restore a jailbroken device in iTunes it will remove the jailbreak.
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    Enter DFU mode and restore it. iTunes will take care of the rest for you and it will be minty fresh like the day it was bought except with the newest firmware.

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