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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Prezton, Feb 18, 2011.

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    Hey guys, word of warning if you own an iPod Touch 4G and live in a Country like myself with high humidity & temperatures and a gapping hole in the ozone layer above your head, and you find your iPod Touch 4G cracks whilst holding it and powering down going from a sunny high humid area to a mall with Air-con with a sudden drop of humidity and temp, pop goes the screen.

    APPLE will not replace the product! Even though the product was owned for less than 10days go figure that one out. APPLE had claimed firstly based on a photo it was Physical Damage, then Secondly Accidental Damage, and even after an approved APPLE service provider inspected it, and said there was no point of impact and the service provider would support replacement APPLE still said NO!

    Also note APPLE stated that they do not speculate on things, yet there answer to me was they speculated Physical Damage. Uh contradiction of terms there I would say....

    Nice of them $500 Ipod Touch 4G... After a lot of wrangling, arguing and threatening with Lawyers and Media exposure suddenly APPLE had a change of heart and broke normal procedure to replace the item...

    You will also find that the 4G is roughly 1.5mm thinner than its 3G counter part and also has a little more flex in the body. To prove the point to Apple about the screen, as no object had been dropped onto it or even had the product been dropped, we decided to test the 3G model by really giving it a hard time and dropping it onto all sorts of textures and so forth, throwing it was included and yet the screen never broke.

    I even went to the extent of having the item forensically tested and, from the glass part that had exploded and popped, the forensic people came up with a very clinical analysis that the glass had not been tempered to suit the application and purpose of it's usage and intent. They noted that this maybe a manufacturing flaw and the product if not a manufacturing flaw could be considered as a non-merchantable item. But neither less, APPLE's attitude towards things was very concerning to say the least ie; not interested and don't care aka APPLE dontCARE!

    It makes you wonder wether the APPLE engineers actually factor into account, all these notes as per above humidity and sudden temp drops and also by compacting the iPod Touch, they should really of strengthened the chassis, and checked types of glass tempering and so forth. It mind boggles myself how a company can get things so wrong, which in my opinion is a lack a product testing. I'm not saying all the Tough 4G's will do this as it is hard to say given on wether conditions etc... But just be warned if the screen cracks for no reason at all, kiss your money goodbye!
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    I am sorry but I am finding this hard to believe why would you have it tested forensically? The forensic testing would have cost way more then the iPod, I know this because I have had to have some of my products forensically tested before and it costs thousands.

    If this is true it sounds like you had a faulty iPod as the screens just don't explode like that.
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    Well I am just sorry to, Well if your partner worked for a Forensic's Lab would you not have it tested, during out of hour times? I would! and did! So there in lyes your answer... And beside's I've seen a guy spend $75,000 on lawyer fees for a $150 speeding ticket, which resulted in a lot of the general public have there tickets revoked by the courts due to failure of police procedure... So I would not be so quick to be judgmental on situations, as you seem to be like how do you know how much money I earn a year or am even worth I could be Donald Trump for all you know...

    Yes it was faulty and that was my point to them the whole time! APPLE Appointed there Authorized Service Provider and they could find no point of impact to cause the crack and for part of the glass to pop, so go figure's! There words not mine but it is APPLE's policy not to replace products based on broken screens! Easy way to find out is ask them yourself!

    Old saying goes like this, it's not what you know but whom you know and in my particular case I am lucky enough to have a partner that works for a Forensic Labs, so lucky me... and besides APPLE would not even accept the Forensic's Results and asked for their Authorized Service Provider to look at it, and as stated above...
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    The matter was resolved, with a replacement after a lot of wrangling for months on end! The story goes like this on a day where the temperature reached 37degrees and burn time off less than 10minutes as this part of the world has a massive hole in the ozone layer, so even a dark person will literally get burnt if exposed for to long, myself, partner and friends got out of the car unplugged the iPod from the Car Stereo, no problems there. Upon entering a Mall to cool off a bit and get some ice cream, I went to turn off the iPod upon entering the mall and power it down to conserve the battery and whilst sliding the power button left to right to power down, the screen popped in the right hand corner and continued to do so over the coming days afterwards, of which i sustained glass embedded into my left thumb! That's the story, lucky my partner works for Forensics so I had it tested at no cost, as it was checked and tested out of hours, and even her peers agreed with the conclusions found. Lucky for APPLE this was not in the US otherwise, as you could imagine Law Suit could of been filed for damage, and the expense for medical treatment to have a shared piece of glass removed from an appendage.

    Now I know APPLE had issues with the Lithum-lyon batteries getting to cold and exploding. Well similar theory here exists. Weakest point of any glass is the edging, not the center as most people think. Factor into account 37deg UV Ray Levels heating the glass, then entering an environment which is Air-Conditioned set at 22deg with very little UV Ray and a cooler environment, add a little pressure to the glass and there you go.
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    Will see if I still have them on my camera, and post them if they are still there as I posted them straight to Apple straight away, and the funny part, the guy at the call center actually has told me he had dealt with some faulty screens, so obviously Apple know about it, but I do see Apple's point of view, Where people may try ripping them off by dropping, knocking or have had something dropped onto it, which is fair enough but in this case that was not the case. No product in the world is perfect let alone a person. But I will try locate the photo's...
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    so you finally got a new device... how are you protecting this one from cracking?

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