iPod (5.5G) 80GB Unable To Turn On

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by mynameismatt89, Mar 7, 2008.

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    For all of you that had/are having the same problem I am, this is what you can do. Make sure it is partially charged so that it does not say 'Please Wait Very Low Battery' and that it is connected to your computer. While it is constantly restarting itself and making the click noise, hold down the menu and select button for about 5 seconds until the apple logo comes up with the BLACK background, then quickly switch to holding the select and play/pause button. This will put it into Disk Mode. Let the computer detect it, and then click restore.

    Problem solved!

    Hello everyone,

    I've had my black 80GB iPod Video since August of 2007 and within the past couple of days it has stopped working. When I was using a program called Senuti to take the music from my iPod and put it on my new MBP it stopped working (it might just be a coincidence that it stopped working while transferring songs).

    All it does now is is a constant restart mode. The dark screen with apple logo is always there but it seems it tries to reset itself but makes a strange noise, and the same screen still appears. I cannot reset it, make it play anything, turn it off, or even connect it to my computer. iTunes won't detect and and neither will Finder.

    Any suggestions or do I have a dead iPod?
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    do you have your music on your old Mac or backed up? because i think the Five Rs are in order.
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    Hey richthomas, I tried those steps as soon as I noticed it wasn't working, and they didn't help. Thanks though, but I'm afraid I've got a dead iPod
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    (please see original post edit in bold to resolve this issue)

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