Ipod 5.5G really noisey HDD, is that normal?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Star Destroyer, Nov 18, 2007.

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    Jun 15, 2006

    I recently bought a used iPod 5.5G (assuming its 5.5 since it has apple care until may 2008). The 'problem' is that when i switch songs, or start it up or watch a movie i can normally hear the HDD spin and move. It dies down after the initial track change is over but when it changes again i can hear it. Often i can feel it moving, it will almost vibrate a tad. Some times it will freeze for about 5 seconds when the screen is changing between menu (like when it slides off to the side, it will be half on and half off for about 5 seconds)

    I used to have a first generation Nano, so i am not used a HDD, but i want to know if this is normal? Should i call Apple since it has Apple care still. Also how would i be able to get this replaced if it is defective? (the nearest apple store is 4+ hours away from me) i cant take it to a genius to have them inspect it, could they do it over the phone?

    Sorry for all those questions, but i have been saving them up!

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    Mine is exactly the same way. I'm assuming that the vibrations and noises are a bit different from previous models as it is much thinner than they have been, which would allow it to vibrate more with HDD spin than previous models.

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