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Discussion in 'iPod' started by n00b-1, Apr 6, 2008.

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    I have a 30 gig 5 generation iPod Video. This specs page: http://support.apple.com/specs/ipod/iPod_with_video_30_60_GB.html lists that this ipod can playback video at a max of 320 x 240 for H.264 and 480 x 480 for mpeg 4 video. However, I'm able to play downloaded TV shows such as Lost, which are 640x360, but I can't play movies that I've converted using videora that are at the same resolution. If anyone could explain to me why this is or has any thoughts about this I'd appreciate your input.
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    Well those resolutions were correct at the time of manufacture, but a tater firmware update brought their video playback capabilities into line with the 5.5 gen iPods. Meaning that your iPod can now play H264 whit a maximum resolution of 640x480, and the same for MPEG4, now here is what they don't tell you...

    In H264 you are stuck within the bounds of 640x480 meaning that your horizontal resolution can't be more than 640 and your vertical cant be more tan 480 i.e. a res of 640x300 would be ok and would play, granted it would be with ugly BIG black bars though. MPEG4 i where it gets funny, apple says the same 640x480, BUT it has new and interesting rules, you can get away with higher resolutions so long as the total no of pixels dose not go over 307200 pixels (640*480). so if you want to rip a DVD to your ipod and watch it back on a TV i'd use MPEG4 because you can rip at 720x400 and its still within the total no of pixels (288000).

    Hope this helps

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