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Discussion in 'iPod' started by student_trap, Jul 6, 2005.

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    Mar 14, 2005
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    Hey everyone, this thread concerns how versatile an ipod is with regards to accepting music from more than one mac!

    Basically, my girlfriend and i share our music collection which is currently on my PB which we also share (all of the music is taken from original CD's). She however is going to switch to mac as soon as the new ibooks come out. My girlfriend is going on holiday on friday and wants to buy one of the new ipods for when she goes.

    1. Assuming she buys a mac soon, could i just burn the itunes folder of my mac to a DVD and then give it to her so that she doesn't have to rip all of our CD's again?

    2. Assuming she just buys an ipod, could she sync it with my PB so that she can listen to our music while on holiday, or would this cause big problems when she get's her own mac?

    3. At the moment she has a PC, should she put all the tunes (using method described in 1.) on her ipod from that, or would this again cause even more problems when she tries to use the ipod with her mac (when she gets it)

    Finally, all of the music is ripped from original CD's, even so, should i expect loads of permissions problems?

    Thankyou in advance.
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    Answers below:

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