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    Nov 19, 2010
    So far ive successfullly cheated on the game BF-prologue yes it is the demo but ive made it so u can use all the spells and get as much as money as u want and heres how u do it
    1.dl Ifile in cydia look it up on utube if u want it free

    2.open Ifile press the home button at the bottom navi

    3.go to this file /var/mobile/aplications/BF-prologue/documents/settings.txt

    4.now you will see <key> and <integer> key is bassiclly the explination of your chars. stats and integer is how many times or how much you have

    I will teach u one cheat for money once u do this the rest is self explainitory

    1. search for <key>totalGP<key>
    2 change the <integer>( )<integer> to how much gold u want
    3.do not add the parentheses in between the <integer>s

    i will be updateing this thread if i find any other app games to cheat with...

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