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Discussion in 'iPod' started by MyAppleWorld, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. MyAppleWorld macrumors 6502


    Nov 1, 2005
    Birmingham, UK

    Does anybody here use their iPod as there only storage media for music?

    I.e. Not using the syncronisation features of iTunes at all, just purely using the iPod to upload songs then delete from local PC. Then using the ability to play directly off the iPod within iTunes?

    I am thinking of doing this so that I can control/download music ipod from any PC and not have to resync all the time.

    All i would have to do is plug in ipod, download a track, transfer it to the ipod and then i can play it on any PC i plug my ipod into (not to mention my car etc ;))

    I am not worried about authorisation/digital rights since i only use .MP3 files.

    Anybody do this? How do you find it? Disadvantages?

    Can one play videos direct from ipod via itunes or only view them on the ipod itself?

  2. decksnap macrumors 68040


    Apr 11, 2003
    Disadvantages include not being able to manage playlists, smart playlists, manage your tags and album art, share your music over a network, etc. Also, if your iPod goes down, you've lost all your music. I don't recommend this method at all, but people do it. All you need to do in iTunes is set it to 'manually manage songs and playlists' instead of auto-sync. With this setting, you should be able to play your iPod through any PC with that setting in iTunes.

    Edit: not sure about videos though.
  3. spicyapple macrumors 68000


    Jul 20, 2006
    You'll regret doing this, when you get mugged or your home gets burglarized. Good luck with it. I wouldn't recommend it, though.
  4. MyAppleWorld thread starter macrumors 6502


    Nov 1, 2005
    Birmingham, UK
    I disagree with not being able to manage playlists - I swear I could do it on my ipod mini before i sold it...

    I used to create playlists in itunes directly on the ipod - any1 test this?
  5. tdhurst macrumors 601


    Dec 27, 2003
    Phoenix, AZ

    You can create "On The Go" playlists directly on the iPod, so making custom playlist this way isn't a problem.

    I third (or fourth) the recommendation that this is pretty risky. The iPod is just too risky a device (hell, ANY electronic/computer type device should have a backup) for me to not have a copy somewhere else.

    External hard drives are cheap. Buy one and store your music on it.
  6. andy5000 macrumors regular

    Sep 17, 2006
    I did this till i bought an external hard drive, it worked to a certain extent until my ipod had a fit and needed to be restored. So lost my music, thankfully it was when i had my ipod mini so only lost 4gig. Now i have a 30gb ipod full of music, which is also on my external hd.
    At the cost of external hard drives its well worth it.
  7. Chip NoVaMac macrumors G3

    Chip NoVaMac

    Dec 25, 2003
    Northern Virginia

    Amen, external HDD's are pretty cheap. In fact I have multiple HDD's. One that I keep off-site with my iTunes, Pictures, and Document folders.
  8. aricher macrumors 68020


    Feb 20, 2004
    I have my entire 300+ GB iTunes library backed up on 2 external hard drives and one set of DVDs. That way if one hard drive dies the other is still live. Eventually, once the technology is there and is cheaper I'll back it all up on a few blu-ray DVDs. DO NOT risk losing ll your music by leaving it on the iPod only - a fool and his music will soon be parted.
  9. chumbkt macrumors newbie

    Oct 4, 2006
    Auckland - NZ
    I manually manage songs and delete them as soon as i put them on my ipod, I havnt had any trouble with my 30gigipod or my mini, i can still create playlists.
  10. bigandy macrumors G3


    Apr 30, 2004

    you can manage playlists and smart playlists when using this method.

    i do it, but i have an archive drive kept away for 'storage', just in case of ipod ill health...

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