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    Jun 28, 2002
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    I copied this from Spymac a few minutes ago...
    iPod to take center stage at Macworld
    By The Director on Jul 15, 02 | 12:51 pm |

    The iPod will be in the spotlight this Macworld New York, sources report.

    Although we cannot independently verify the rumored introduction of a 20GB model, sources
    close to Apple report that this will be "the iPod's Macworld".

    The long anticipated iPod remote will most likely not be released at the show, but is
    scheduled to be announced... Along with other accessories that have been in the pipeline for
    some time.

    Obviously, the iPod will have a significant chunk of the keynote dedicated to it.

    "The new remote ...accessories, iPod enthusiasts will be extremely happy."

    One final tip that we were asked not to elaborate on: iPod case.

    Okay - my question - couldn't you make an enclosure for the iPod that would include handwriting recognition and other software that would in turn convert the mp3 player/hard drive into a PDA with a removable mp3 player?
  2. King Cobra macrumors 603

    Mar 2, 2002
    Oh, for Pete's sake! Not the PDA issue again!

    >a PDA with a removable mp3 player?
    What if you only plan to use one or the other? Then you waste quite a bit of money. Plus, if the thing is 20GB, it will be damn sure expensive enough to put a Hard Drive in the iPod/etc. At that point, I would consider a Palm handheld for a PDA.

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