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    Re: vCal
    Originally posted by wn3_z
    Did you know that you can export the datebook out of palm desktop as a vcal and put it in the ipod's calender folder. It works.. no need to wait for ical...
    Same goes for Entourage. But it's even easier. Just open the iPod's Calendar folder and bring Entourage to the front. Then start dragging events from the Entourage Calendar to the folder!

    I found the above in an archive folder. When I tried it, it put a clipping icon in my calendars folder on my iPod. When I go to that date in my iPod calendar, there's nothing there. What am I doing wrong? Or, is the a system 9 calendar that works with iPod?
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    Dude, you have a question that you need help with, so please, use the Help/Questions Forum in future :rolleyes:

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