Ipod Can't sync Error 13019

Discussion in 'iPod' started by themilkybarkid, Jun 30, 2013.

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    Jun 30, 2013
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    Message appears ...Can't sync Error 13019

    Never had any Ipod Can't sync 13019 error messages during about three years of ipod use. That was until I got a laptop some time ago.

    For quite a while I kept adding music and youtube movies to the iTunes library on the laptop but hadn't got around to trying to copy anything from the laptop onto my ipod.

    Then one day I tried copying some music and videos over to the ipod, but instead of it all nicely syncing, I kept getting the Error 13019 message. After that, I tried again at intervals over a period of time but was unable to figure out how to fix the 13019 problem. And I didn't have any idea what was causing it!

    I think it may have been an additional part of the 13019 error message that asked if I wanted to delete what was on my ipod and replace the content. I thought I would need to start all over again with a blank ipod. So I had resisted.

    Finally, because I very much wanted to add fresh items to the ipod I decided to give it a try and follow the prompts in the Error 13019 message, about erasing what was on the ipod. But only after someone had explained to me that doing it it won't wipe my iTunes library on my laptop - only what's on the ipod will be gone. And I think to understand that, was a big help.

    Anyway, I followed the prompts and along the way, messages popped up and gave me information about what was happening including that the Error message 13019 was caused by my ipod being asked to access a new iTunes library. That is, the library that I had built on the laptop. Apparently, the ipod was only able to sync from one library and that library was the one associated with my initial home computer.

    So, following the prompts, all was erased from my ipod and automatically replaced with what is in my laptop's itunes library. I found it all pretty straightforward really. And now I can sync all I like from my laptop's iTunes library to my ipod!

    But I'm wondering if I may now go to my external hard drive and get some old copies of music that was previously in my iTunes library on my initial home computer, put them in iTunes on my laptop and then sync them to my ipod! Don't know if that will work??? Anyway, as long as I can now sync new items to the ipod, I'm happy!

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