iPod Classic 120GB - static noise through headphones

Discussion in 'iPod' started by mechazawa, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. mechazawa macrumors newbie

    Jun 11, 2009
    Hi MacRumors community,

    I have recently received my new iPod Classic 120GB with which I am very satisfied except for one thing...

    Whenever I touch the clickwheel with just one hand (e.g. the ipod lies on a table) I can hear a static noise, something like a very quiet buzzing, through the headphones.
    I can hear that sound on the original Apple headphones that came with my unit (though much quieter) and also through my in-ear creative headphones. I am not that picky and the sound is really rather quiet but I can hear it (and first heard it) when I'm lying in bed and listening to some music on a low volume level and adjust the volume for example so that my finger touches the clickwheel.

    Now the funny thing is, that whenever I touch the iPod's casing with my other hand in addition to my hand touching the clickwheel, the sound/noise disappears. This also happens when I hold the iPod in one hand and more "surface" of my hand comes in contact with the casing and not only the tip of my finger on the clickwheel.

    So I'm not an electrical engineer or something but i guess it has something to do with the clickwheels functionality of the capacitive sensing thing...
    I didn't get that sound on my old 2nd gen Nano with the same headphones.

    So my question now is, if other users have also come across this problem or if this is normal to the new classics or if I should go for an exchange of the unit...

    Thanks in advance for any input on that one :)

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