ipod classic 160 gb problem!!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by lazar1234, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. lazar1234 macrumors newbie

    Jun 29, 2011
    Hey I need a bit of help here! Heres the thing:

    I havent used my ipod classic (160 gb model) for a couple of months because i got an ipod touch, but my ipod touch doesnt have enough memory for my songs so i just switched back to my ipod classic. I had a bunch of stupid songs on the classic so i decided to delete all the songs. I put it to delete and my itunes froze but I could see that on my ipod the songs were deleted. i left itunes for an hour but it was still frozen , so i decided to restart my computer. When it loaded up again i opened itunes and it said it couldnt recogzine my ipod and said i needed to restore it. After restoring, I started loading songs but after my ipod got filled up to about 4 gb it would freeze itunes and then a message would pop up "failed to copy to ipod. an unknown error occured -50" and then sometimes "the ipod cannot be synced. the required folder cannot be found". i dont have any problem with my ipod touch and this has never happened with my classic before. Another weird thing that happens is the music doesnt even show up on my ipod, but it says theres 4gb taking up space. Also periodically itunes will tell me it doesnt recognize my ipod and i need to restore it. :mad:

    Any help with be appreciated! :) This is just so frusterating ive tried restoring 10 times, ive formated my ipod completely a few times and nothing seems to work. Could it be that theres something wrong with the hard drive?


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