iPod Classic 6th Gen - Distorted sound :-(

Discussion in 'iPod' started by james-bailey, Mar 30, 2011.

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    Nov 17, 2010
    Hey folks, my friends iPod Classic 80gb 6th Generation iPod has a crappy distorted sound when tunes are played from it.

    He sent it away to get fixed thinking it would be the headphone jack that was the problem - they got back to him and said that it was the Logic board at fault, and charged over £79.99 +VAT for this repair.

    When it came back, all seemed to work okay, except a very short battery life.
    A week later, the iPod froze with no backlight (the menu was still visible but not reacting to any button presses)

    Nothing happened when the charger was plugged in, so we held the Menu Button + the Select button, and it rebooted successfully however the orginal problem came back of distorted sound....:-(

    Very unhappy as £79.99 was a lot to pay for it be broken again so soon.

    Can anyone shed any light onto why this may of happened?
    Was he right by saying it was the logic board at fault?


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    Oct 29, 2008
    Guarantee on repair

    Whether or not a guarantee was given with the repair, in UK and European law, your friend would have an implicit warranty on any repair. Just send it back and politely ask the repairer to do the job properly. Alternatively ask for the money back and buy a refurbished iPod on Fleabay. I have just bought a 120GB Gen 6, which it was like new and it was only £129.

    My older Gen 5.5 80GB now does not work on a lot of up to date docks, so I decided to get an additional iPod. Annoyingly anything above Gen 5.5 does not work on the Denison ICE500 ipod link to the optical fibre MOST® audio system in my car. Denison have been saying that they will update the firmware but none of the updates so far have enabled Gen 6's to work or there is a fault in the link.


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