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  1. k12g3 macrumors member

    Jun 12, 2009
    OK, Quick question.

    I have all my music on my iPod Classic which I use as my main music player. I have uploaded all my music to Match. If I delete an album from my computer but keep it in the cloud, will it delete it off my iPod? I know if I delete it off my computer it automatically takes it off my iPod next time I plug it in, but I want to keep my music on my iPod and in the cloud, no physical files on my computer. Thanks for your help!
  2. JPM42 macrumors 6502

    Oct 21, 2007
    I'm afraid iTunes Match is only compatible with iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), therefore leaving the iPod Classic out.
  3. WisdomWolf macrumors regular

    Apr 15, 2010
    Umm, I think you missed the point of his question. He has enabled match on his computer and is wondering how deleting a song on the computer will effect his next sync with his iPod. That song will still technically be in the library now, where prior to match, deleting the song would also remove it from the library. So will it remove the song from the iPod because it snt physically on the PC? Or will it stay on the iPod because it's still in the library?

    It's an excellent question. I use my classic in my car so it only gets synced every few weeks. I'll have to try this tomorrow and let you know. I'm also curious to see if it will add a song directly from the cloud to the iPod when it's synced even if it wasn't previously on the iPod.

    I noticed an option for smart playlists recently, labeled location. The choices were either on his computer or in iCloud. Should be perfect for testing this.
  4. mactmaster macrumors 6502

    Jun 16, 2010
    Music will have to be stored locally in your iTunes library in order to sync to your iPod classic.
  5. JPM42 macrumors 6502

    Oct 21, 2007
    Yes, of course, my mistake. Was reading a little too fast!
  6. WisdomWolf macrumors regular

    Apr 15, 2010
    I can confirm this. If you delete it from the computer it will get deleted from the ipod on the next sync. :(

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