Ipod Classic Lockout-chip semi-workaround possibility???

Discussion in 'iPod' started by dandab, Jan 4, 2010.

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    Jan 4, 2010
    Hi everyone.

    This is my first post and i'm looking for some answers about a way to work around the Ipod classic lockout chip. To be clear, I'm not really looking for a way to completely bypass the lockout chip, but with the right hardware I know there's a way (because i've done it on accident before).

    Before i start, let me tell you what i have, what i've done, and where i'm STUCK. there are three components: the Sonic Impact V55 video player, 160gig Ipod Classic, and an Apple Composite AV Cable

    The V55's ipod dock is not certified by apple to support video media played by the Ipod Classic and, therefore, i need the cable in order to play it. When i put the ipod directly into the v55 player, it will music and only the sound from the videos on my ipod but nothing on the display.

    There is a semi work around where you would take the apple certified cable, plug it into the ipod, start a video on the ipod, remove the cable, and then connect it to the v55's dock. Doing this will allow full function.

    Here is where the problem lies.:mad:
    when go back to the menu screen to select another video, the lockout chip seems to enable again. When i pick another video, my ipod will go to the screen that says to "connect video accessory". I then have to pull my ipod out of the v55 dock, connect it to the apple certified cable for a few seconds, then when the video starts, stick it back into the v55, where i again get full function.

    Now, out of the entire time that i've owned this thing, I've had about 2-3 occurrences where I didn't have to remove my ipod from the v55 player to switch to another video. I could actually switch to music and switch back to video without having to use the apple certified cable. meaning that either the lockout chip turned off, or it was tricked into thinking that the v55 was an apple certified dock. It would reset again when i removed the ipod from the v55.

    What i want to know is, How did i do it?!?!?!? if you've ever owned the apple cable, you know it's bulky and a hassle to carry around. It's just SO much more convenient being able to use my ipod in the v55 dock without having the lockout chip enabling, and taking it out and switching cables then putting it back in in between every video file.

    I know this was kind of a long explanation, but if anyone can think of some solutions to this semi workaround I (and hopefully others using non-apple certified products) would greatly appreciate it. And since i've been actually able to do it a few times, I KNOW IT"S POSSIBLE!!! unfortunately, I don't know how the lockout chip actually works, but if you do please give me you're input and any suggestions that i should try. I will try them and report back. Thank you in advance.

    Sorry if anything is unclear. ask me if you got any questions that needs clearing up.

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