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Discussion in 'iPod' started by jrswizzle, Jan 31, 2013.

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    So my old 6th gen iPod classic (80gb) is beat up. Dents, scratches and the hard drive has failed twice only to come back after a little while.

    I finally decided I was simply going to replace it, but then I came across a thread talking about replacing the HD with an SSD and I thought "Yes!".

    I figured I might as well refurbish the unit since I'll have to literally destory it take it apart, so I purchased a new backing, faceplate, accidently damaged the LCD, so bought a new one of those and had it all put back save the new SSD (which I haven't purchased yet due to cost).

    Even though I hadn't installed the new SSD, I figured I'd plug the old HD back in to see if everything else worked correctly. So I plug all the connectors in and realize that the small black locking mechanism on the LCD plug on the motherboard is missing....

    Found it, thought "Oh well, ill try and plug it in and see if it stays" and sure enough it did. So I had everything plugged in and tried to fire it up.....

    Well nothing.....the HD starts up and spins but the LCD doesn't come on and the whole unit shuts off after 10-15 seconds. Here are my questions:

    1) I don't have the skill/tools to snap the black locking mechanism back in place on the LCD connector. Would leaving it off cause the LCD not to work?

    2) The HD spun up for a little, but then dies after 10-15 seconds - could this be a battery problem?

    My plans are to buy the SSD when I can and possibly buy a new battery and take it to a repair shop - hoping they'll fix it for me and not charge me an arm and a leg since I'm supplying all my own parts.

    I was as careful as I could be and can't imagine I did any damage to any of the pieces.....thoughts?

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