ipod classic (static problem)

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Diabeetus, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Diabeetus macrumors member

    Aug 4, 2007
    alright, so in physics class we messed around with that thing that makes your hair stick up and lets you shock other people. the problem was, my ipod was in my pocket.

    i didn't have a problem with it until it decided to crash the day after the electric day. i fixed it by restoring it in disk mode, and everything's jolly now.

    however, i have noticed that the ipod will freeze sometimes when i give it commands (click wheel, buttons, and hold switch). i was wondering if either i could just restore it and see if that would eliminate any possible issues, or if there was a way to undo static damage, or remove static electricity from an ipod? it's still working, it just occasionally freezes for a few seconds.

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