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Discussion in 'iPod' started by stiligFox, Mar 31, 2015.

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    Apr 24, 2009
    Hello all!

    I have an iPod Classic that I upgraded and repaired. But I have a few after the fact questions -

    It was a heavily damaged 80GB iPod 6th gen. I replaced the entire shell, click wheel, the HDD with a Samsung 120GB HDD that I got in eBay (I decided to go with a HDD vs SSD because I actually love the feeling of the HDD), battery, and headphone/hold switch assembly.

    1) when unlocking the iPod from Hold, the Click Wheel takes a while to initialize; sometimes it takes a long time and never works right. There tend to be dead zones, but they very in location. After about five minutes the wheel works fine. What is causing this? Is this lag from the new hard drive catching up to the current task? I really hope it's not something I did - I mean, I'd hate to have to reopen this again. But the previous circle wheel worked fine; I'm just not sure if it's the wheel, laggy HDD, or hold switch.

    2) if I got a separate 7th generation logic board, can I install it into this shell? I assume that I'd need to replace the headphone jack assembly again to work, but everything else should be the same, aye?

    Anyhow, I know a couple of the awesome members that are active here restore iPods, I hope you all can help me!


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    probably just the click wheel. The Classics wheels aren't as sensitive to begin with. The iPod Videos wheels are very responsive and work really well.

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