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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by derajfast, Feb 25, 2006.

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    so my dad got the 5g vid ipod, and he wants all his contacts on it. he has a PC for work and uses ACT for his contact database which has their own proprietary format for contacts. he wants all those 5000 contacts on his ipod. i know they need to be in address book or outlook for that to happen. so is there any easy way to get them from ACT to the ipod w/o manually putting in 5000 contacts into address book
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    Well, can ACT export its contacts??

    when i wanted to import all my teachers e-mail addresses into address book i first took them and converted them into a tab & return style sheet. If that makes sense. From there i saved it as a RTF and opened Palm Dektop. When in Palm Desktop you can go to view>address list. Then to file>import. From there select your Tab & return file and select import. In the box that comes up select Addresses for the field type and Tab & Return for the Delimiters. You can also rearrange the fields up in the window so that they match the info you have on the people.

    The hard part is making sure that every contact info is set up correctly. If not it is not to hard to change cause a new contact started everytime the program reads a return.

    Basically, if i want to put in a list of contacts (say three people for example) it needs to look sort of like this:

    First Name(tab)Last name(tab)e-mail(tab)then any other info here(return)
    and repeat line above.

    Once you get the contacts into Palm Desktop you can export them as a vCard (which works in address book)

    Hope that helps a little bit

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