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Discussion in 'iPod' started by Rich1963, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Rich1963 macrumors 6502

    Jul 18, 2008
    Here's my dilemma-

    Sunday I purchased two songs from itunes store. I hooked up my ipod 3g to synch them and the screen on my imac proceeded to display colored lines halfway through the synching process and will no longer respond. I shutdown the computer, disconnected my ipod, restarted the computer and everything comes back fine. I tried synching my iphone and everything works fine.

    But when I connect my ipod, it mounts in finder fine, but when itunes sees it, after approximately 5 seconds, it closes and gives me the error about a program quitting unexpectedly. I have disabled automatic synching, but no luck. It seems 5 seconds after itunes recognizes the my ipod, itunes shuts down and OSX gives me the same error.

    Can anyone comment on which steps to try-

    -deleting the contents of ipod through finder

    -repairing permissions (it should be mentioned that I have an extensive media collection stored on a firewire drobo externally. Can the permissions on that thing even be checked?)

    -Is there anyway to restore an ipod without using itunes to revert the firmware to the original version?

    Any help would be appreciated. Also, I have an AppleTV that works fine and my wife's iphone synchs these new purchases fine and plays them fine.
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    Sep 8, 2004
    Denver, CO
    I'm having the same problem with my iPhone 3G. We're not alone: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1885983&tstart=0
  3. Rich1963 thread starter macrumors 6502

    Jul 18, 2008
    Well, here's the story so far. I hooked up my wife's iphone last night, and it also crashes itunes. I called up applecare and spoke with a technician. Before I go any further, I must say it was the first call to any corporate support where I was actually amazed by the level of knowledge this tech possessed. Anyway, after about an hour and a half of reinstalling itunes, reconfiguring isynch, and a host of other things in terminal, he had me read a line from the crash report to him, and determined there has been some sort of corruption to the mac's kernal.

    He recommended an archive and install, but to anyone out there that's messed with this, would it hurt at all to first try a time machine restore from an earlier date in the week when this worked? Let me know if anyone has experiences with this. Thanks.
  4. Mr. Giver '94 macrumors 68000

    Mr. Giver '94

    Jun 2, 2008
    Yeah iTunes runs like crap on my machine all the time. I am running the latest of everything on my computer and all of my devices are non-jailbroken. I think iTunes has become such a poorly done application because there haven't been any improvements, just add-ons and more features. I charge and sync all of my devices with my computer, but whenever I plug in more than one the program crashes and sometimes does the same when I only have one thing plugged in.

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