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Dec 28, 2002
I've never kept up on the iPod scene (though I do own a 1gb Shuffle) but I am curious about something. A friend and I were talking about how it'd be neat if you could transfer audio files from one iPod to another wirelessly, be it Bluetooth or some other protocol. All copyright issues aside, of course.

Is there any device like this out there?


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Jul 7, 2004
Well, first there is hardware issues. Only the Ipod Photo and the new Color iPods have the ability to act as a USB host. That is why the iPod camera connector is so small compared to Belkin's Camera Link. The Camera Link was the USB host for the cameras. Also iPL hasn't started working on USB host support yet. There current focus is getting all iPod generations to run Linux.

There has been a lot of talk in the iPL forums about USB Host support, but I believe it will be some time before it is implemented.

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