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    Aug 28, 2003
    I'm about to purchase a 15GB iPod after finally deciding that it makes more sense to have that soon than wait what could be awhile for a 20 or 40GB version. However, obiviously it doesn't come with a dock connector. If i was going to purchase an iSkin for it, should I buy a dock connector? I'd rather have my iPod standing up in something on my desk than just lying there, but would it fit in with an iSkin on it? Is it more practical to take the iSkin on and off to use the dock, or just leave it in the iSkin and lay it on my desk somewhere?

    Oh, and one other question...is the remote worth it? I figure it'd be nice to have my iPod in my inside coat pocket (it's pretty f***ing cold here in central PA right now, like elsewhere) and the remote in another pocket that's more accessible, but it is $35...

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    Mar 4, 2003
    The remote is definitely worth it. I bought a 30 gig iPod the day it came out after waiting for quite a while to save up all that money. It was definitely worth it, because every time I leave the house without my remote I definitely miss it when I have to fish in my pocket for the damn iPod every time I just want to skip a track or bump the volume up a couple noches.

    The dock is also worth it, cause it's nice not to have to fish around for another cord to hook it up to your computer.

    I don't know if an iSkin is compatible with the dock, but if it is, you should just get the 20 gig model, by the time you spend $70 on the remote and the dock you're $30 away from 5 more gigs that you will miss in the future. Remember, it's also a very useful firewire drive.

    Also an option to look into, I know that the docks are different sizes because a friend of mine recently bought a 20 gig and his dock was a little smaller than mine (mine wouldn't fit in the dock). If you could get your hands on a dock used for a bigger model (like the 30 gig or now the 40 gig) it might work if the dock for your model doesn't. Just something to consider...
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    Jan 3, 2003
    East Coast, USA
    My 0.02 cents...

    I have a 15 GB (when it was the midlevel). I have an iSkin Exo2 it does NOT fit into my dock that came with my iPod. I bought a second dock (yes I LOVE THEM) and it comes with both sizes of covers and it still DOES not fit.

    First of all, if you are going to buy a dock and a remote, that's going to cost you the 100 dollar difference of the 20GB. PLUS you get a case with the 20GB, you might want to think about that.

    If you do get an iSkin, you wont be able to use your dock, but there are covers out there that do let you use your dock, I also own the SPECK cover which by the way came 3 to a pack for the price of one iSkin and they open at the bottom for the dock. There is also covers like the Contour Showcase which is a hard case that can very easily be opened to set ur iPod in the dock.

    I'd say get a 20GB so you get the Dock and Remote and will have a case you can use until you decide what to get.

    Also, I have had 3 iPods (keep running out of room!) and the EarBuds are WAY too big for my ears, I had to buy a Pair of Sony in-ears so keep that in mind too.


    Contour Showcase
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