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    Feb 1, 2010
    I have an 80 GB iPod classic that simply does not sync. Order for troubleshooting attempts:
    1. First try - iTunes 10.4 on Mac OS X (two computers, one running snow leopard, other running lion)
    2. manual sync - dragging the songs to the music folder in itunes.
    3. restoring iPod and repeating steps 1, 2.
    4. Changing sync cable and repeating previous steps.
    5. Downloaded previous version of iTunes (9.2.1). Seems to be working fine but when iPod is disconnected no music shows up in the iPod. When reconnected, iTunes shows memory used under OTHER rather than AUDIO.
    6. Tried other software (Songbird, Floola) - none recognize iPod.

    At what point should I just give up and head to the nearest Apple store to get a new iPod?

    UPDATE: looking into the music folder in iPod (via Finder: iPod control>music>) I can see many mp3 files with the usual 4 letter code used by iPod. So the files are there, but for some reason the iPod does not recognize them to be music files. Any ideas?

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