iPod iPod functions (other than mp3 playback!)


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Mar 10, 2005
Edinburgh, UK
Hi there,

I'm in the market for an iPod and I'm interested to know about the other features of iPod like Calendar, Notes, ToDo.

1. Is it possible to sync the iPod with M$ Outlook?
2. If yes, how good is the integration with Outlook? Does it sync birthdays, notes, contacts? how well?
3. If not, is there another application that I can use with it on a PC?
4. Does it have an "active" standby screen? Meaning, showing up today's events, or the to-do list etc?

That's all in mind at the moment!
Thanks for taking the time :D


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Feb 2, 2002
Yep, get a PDA, that's what you want. Even if you could get the iPod to sync like you want, the interface wasn't designed for working with things other than music, so it would annoy the crap out of you.


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Sep 4, 2002
The iPod does have some extra functionality than just being a great MP3 player, but really not much more than what you find on your typical cellphone.

However you might want to take a glance over at iPodlounge's Software Section, they have some pretty interesting stuff that could be doing what you want with your iPod.


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Jul 20, 2004
USB drive

The one big thing iPods can do other than playing music is acting as a standard USB drive (or FireWire drive on most models). So if you're one who carries files between home and work on a USB "thumb drive" you could do the same on your iPod and also listen to music on the way.